Service pit – effective, safe and environmentally friendly service

The company INGTOP METAL, s.r.o. offers a complex delivery of a service pit made exactly according to your needs and requirements of your service; they are delivered with all equipment including electrically controlled roller shutter. We can design, produce, deliver, assemble and equip your service pit.


When offering solutions for the service pit version we put the accent on design, structure and technical equipment of the pit working interior.

The range of service pit equipment is made according to specific needs of customer´s service.

All service pits designated for service and control of vehicles are certified by the Engineering Test Institute and they are in concordance with Governmental Decree No. 176/2008 Sb. (Coll.) and Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council No. 2006/42/ES. They are in compliance with requirements on health and safety protection. The service pits are also in compliance with the Governmental Decree No. 101/2005 Sb. (Coll.) , s. 7 (1) to 7 (7) regulating the requirements on service pits.

Main advantages of service pits

Ready-to-use steel service pit – in compliance with exact dimensions. Comfortable working conditions (adjustable lighting, safety roller shutter, compressed air distribution, ventilation distribution, storage areas, oil catchment). Very easy assembly of the service pit (all components are pre-installed from production –lighting, safety roller shutter, compressed air distribution system, ventilation distribution, oil catchment). In comparison with telescopic jacks they can be used in buildings with a lower roof. The pits are designed as the maintenance-free ones. In comparison with works made on telescopic jacks the service works made on vehicles from the pit can be interrupted anytime. The service pit enables work under the vehicle simultaneously with work above the vehicle.

All diagnostics can be a part of the service pit.

Key advantages of service pits

Higher labour productivity of service technicians. Better service utilization – more vehicles on one service pit. Installation saving – time – shortening and acceleration of the construction. 

  • Higher service efficiency– more service technicians can work on the vehicle in the service pit (vehicle mechanic + electrician etc.) 

  • Better working conditions (tool niches, oil collection to the oil catchment gutter).

  • Increased safety

  • Waterproof – environmentally friendly.

Accuracy of the prefabricated service pit for installation of diagnostic tools.

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